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Awesome Backpackers

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Hello awesome travellers from around the world! (And you must be awesome because only awesome people choose awesome places.)

Situated on Green Point’s Main Road, Awesome Backpackers is just a jump to the left to the heart of Sea Point with all its restaurants and delectable international cuisines, shopping and supermarkets, and a step to the right to De Waterkant and the heart of Cape Town’s CBD.

With your hands on your hips, bring your knees in tight and you’ll soon find yourself at Cape Town’s World Cup stadium and the heart of the Waterfront.
Awesome has four shared dorms. Each dorm has its own unique story and life and offers plenty of comfort and detail.
Enjoy an awesome stay and join in on the many activities they offer. Scoff delectable pizza on their famous pizza night, party with your friends and meet fellow travellers.

Kick back with a braai, chill in the hammock in the garden and listen to the guitar around the fire. After a long night, hit the breakfast and fresh juice they offer.
When it is time to leave Awesome, ask them to plan your South African trip for you. But remember you might need to check back in sometime – everyone’s Awesomeness needs occasional topping up.

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18 September 2019

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