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Camps Bay

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The perfect sundowner…

Lying in the curve at the back Table Mountain, Camp’s Bay beach looks along the coastline to where the crags of the Twelve Apostles brood over the sea. Try as I might I can’t count twelve of them, but that’s what they’re called. Although this is the cold Atlantic side of the peninsula the beach is packed in summer and kids will swim where adults don’t dare. Palms line the beachfront and there are pumping restaurants and bars where people hang out all day and most of the night. La Med is a notorious Sunday evening sundowner and pick up point. Pretty much everyone who’s anyone will be there for a dop in summer.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Enjoy some good theater.

Camps Bay is also home to the Theatre on the Bay which is an excellent venue for anyone wanting to catch a bit of local talent.