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Simon’s Town

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A good place to stop off on the way to Cape Point

Simon's Town is a quaint little villagewhich is close to Cape Point and home to the famous Jackass Penguins who are listed in the Red Data Book as an Endangered Species.

It's also home to the South African Navy and its antiquated floating museum of battle ships and submarines, so there's a lot of interesting history dotted all over the place.

Cobbles streets and postcard views

Nestled between the mountain range and the sea, the Simon's Town has attractive, winding streets, a yacht basin and a smattering of restaurants and shops. It's also where we live. Yeeehah!

There is a fantastic backpacker lodge in town and it also has some fine restaurants and bars.

A bit of History avbout Simon's Town

Home to the South African Navy, Simon's Town is steeped in Naval history.

In 1671 the Dutch East India vessel "Isselsteijn" found the bay to be so excellent a harbour that the governor, Simon van der Stel, founded the port which was named in his honour. The town that grew up around the harbour was distinctly nautical in atmosphere.

Many celebrated naval personalities visited or were based in Simon's Town and the epitaphs on tombstones in the churchyard record a colourful history of sea fights and other misadventure.

Even Nelson came ashore here....