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Once you have found your backpackers in the Drakensberg then get ready to plug into a throbbing Soul Rejuvenator. The Drakensberg is uplifting, energising, relaxing and exactly what everyone needs more of. Unless of course you’re spiritually dead. And even then, it’ll do you good.

What the heck, fall under the spell of the “Dragon Mountains” and become a sorcerer’s slave. Learn to weave bubbling breezes and star-studded skies, to knit cool streams and foamy waterfalls and crochet cascading shadows in colour palettes that’ll thrill even the colour blind.

The Berg is a bit like a magician’s cloak. You put it on and suddenly you see the world differently. Bits of sorcery spills over into the most unexpected corners and before you know it, you’re the world’s most amazing wizard and whizzing through the universe on the magic carpet of your mind.
You notice the detail in the weave of rock, smell the fat clouds, taste the fresh mountain air and start breathing in your soul.
And the longer you stay, the less you want to leave.

Put your backpack on and explore the Drakensberg mountains

The Drakensberg is very diverse and has an amzing assortment of backpacking lodges. Many of the backpackers offer trips and tours into Lesotho, so it is a great place to base yourself if you are wanting to explore the mountain Kingodom.

The Zulu called the Drakensberg mountains uKhahlamba (The barrier of spears). The name Drakensberg (Dragon mountains) was given after a Boer father and son reported seeing a dragon flying high in the clouds above the mountain peaks.

Don’t mistake the foothills of the Berg for the Berg proper.