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This small town is conveniently situated for access to the Northern Drakensberg and the Golden Gate National Park. It’s less than 300km from Jo’burg, so it’s a good overnight stop if you want to stay out of the city and have a plane to catch in the afternoon.

Harrismith Wildflower Gardens

Located around two dams fed by mountain springs these gardens contain about 20% of the Drakensberg region's flora. An Anglo-Boer War blockhouse overlooks the dams. It was built to protect the town's water during the war.


The 2394m 'flat mountain' is Harrismith's landmark. The annual race to the top, along and down the mountain is claimed to be the toughest in South Africa, if not the world. The race was born when a British schoolteacher, stationed in Harrismith during the Anglo-Boer War disparagingly referred to the mountain as 'that small hill of yours'. Locals challenged him to reach the summit in under an hour. He did, but only just.