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Garden Route

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God's Garden

The Garden Route stretches from Mossel Bay to the Tsitsikamma River Mouth like a necklace of bays, beaches, cliffs and rocky capes strung together along a line of pounding white surf.

Mountains crowd the shoreline and high rainfall on their peaks provides a consistent supply of water to the narrow coastal terrace where every bit of soil nourishes some plant growth.

The ocean teems with game fish and divers delight in the silent underwater world of bright colours and brave fish.

The rivers, stained amber by the soil, have lovely navigable stretches, the Knysna lagoon lends itself to cheerful indulgences and the forests provoke cool walks through tunnels of shade...

The Garden Route manages to strike a good balance between development and long stretches of unspoilt loveliness. So you can go out for a few drinks or a good meal and still get to walk for hours without having to worry about whether your hairdo is handling or not.

There’s a large Rastafarian community outside Knysna at a place called Judah Square. (Wonder why they didn’t call it Jah-dah Square?)

While the Garden Route coastal road is really very scenic, it is the hidden destinations along its side roads that are the secret of this region.

Keep  looking seawards to catch glimpses of southern right and humpback whales, bottlenose and common dolphins, and sometimes even killer whales that frolic close to shore, especially near Plettenberg Bay.