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Knysna sprawls around a stunning tidal lagoon whose entrance is guarded by two rocky cliffs called The Heads. The hub of the Garden Route, this once sleepy village now bustles thanks to its many pubs and clubs which offer live music and bop into the wee hours.
Delight your taste buds with ocean-fresh Knysna oysters and locally brewed beer. Go hunting for the last remaining forest elephants or the tiny sea horses that shelter in the lagoon. Whatever. It’ll be nice, nê.

To some Knysna is about the little seahorses that live gently amongst the reeds. To others it’s about the salty taste of oysters on eager tongues. But whatever your passion, Knysna is bound to satisfy some part of your soul.
Surrounded by deep forests which were once crowded with elephant (three still roam the forests), Knysna is close to loads of fantastic beaches, rivers and mountains.
It has a lot to offer and there’s tons to do. In fact George Bernard Shaw loved Knysna so much he ended up staying for five weeks whilst he wrote a book called “The black girl in search of God”.

Check out the King Edward tree. Standing at 46 meters, it is said to be over 700 years and has an impressive 7 meter circumference.

Try the locally brewed Bosuns bitter - it’s one of SA’s few non-monopoly beers.