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Johannesburg is the starting place for many backpackers but It’s also the Big Bad City of South Africa and there are still many travellers who believe that they should avoid it. But give the Urban Jungle a chance and you’ll discover more live music, theatre, shopping malls, casinos, big screens and massive raves than you’d ever imagined.

Go and get Jo’burged out. It’s exciting.

Things to do in Johannesburg

  • Visit Sun City and get lost (ha ha), surf the Valley of the waves and win a million bucks.
  • Check out the Lippizaner horse show in Kyalami – the only place other than Spain in which these magnificent horses perform.
  • Pop into the Jo’burg Lion Park where cuddly lion and hyena cubs are often available for happy snaps.
  • Venture down a working gold mine, wander through Jo’burg’s past at Gold Reef City, roll in gold dust and try to steal and an ingot without anyone noticing.
  • Take a day trip to the vibrant township of Soweto - a study in contrasts.
  • Visit the Apartheid Museum for in-depth information on the history of the people’s revolution.
  • See the Cradle of Mankind, the Wonder Caves and Sterkfontein Caves. Mrs Ples (the missing link) lived here thousands of years ago. Watch an archaeological dig in progress.
  • See black eagles in the city at Wits Botanical Gardens.
  • Take a historical flight in an old DC3 plane or float in a balloon at sunrise
  • Check out 88 facet diamonds at the Cullinan Diamond Mine, where the world’s largest diamond was discovered.
  • Take your pick from around 40 parks and reserves all within easy reach.
  • Hunt down the Big Five at Pilanesberg (no malaria), see cheetahs and wild dogs at De Wildt and track down rhinos and lions at the Rhino and Lion Park.

South Africa’s smallest province makes more than a third of the country’s GDP which means that Jo’burgers (no, it’s not a new McDonalds burger) work hard and play hard while the rest of us just take holidays. The province includes part of the Magaliesberg Mountains and the gold-rich Witwatersrand.

The big, bad city of Jo’burg. Where urban legends get mugged and young people have a blast.

Jo’burg doesn’t have a mountain or any ocean to get lost in, so people actually do things. Like drink and party a lot.