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A patchwork of colours

Lying at the Southern most tip of Africa where the cold Atlantic and warm Indian oceans meet is a fertile stretch of land, surrounded on one side by sea and the other by majestic mountains, called the Overberg.

This is a giant patchwork quilt of fields, hills and vales stitched together by dirt tracks, rusty fences, and finely embroidered trees. Concentric planting and enormous bundles of rolled hay dot the hills and texture the landscape.

Farmhouses lie like oases in pools of lush green lawns and damp trees and in summer, the sheep melt into the landscape like brown rocks of hot wool. Blue Cranes stand solitary in fields, frozen in their own world of Tai Chi. Sometimes you see ten in a matter of minutes.
The rolling hills never lie stretched out flat. Perhaps they’re practising to meet the mountains in the distance, for one day, when they grow up.

Rolling hills blanketed by wheat fields slide gently towards to the sea where whales frolic and gannets plunge into the waves in search of fish. The warm Indian Ocean waters wash against white beaches and rocky shores and quaint fishing villages and small holiday resorts pierce the coastline.
Cape Agulhas, the bleak southernmost point of Africa, waits to be conquered and the vast empty beaches of De Hoop Nature Reserve are home to skittish red-legged oyster catchers and overwhelming solitude.

Including the "Flying Dutchman"

Over 120 ships have lost their lives along this coastline and between the scattering of seaside resorts you’ll find plenty of empty beaches and even more solitude.