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This landlocked country was a British protectorate until 1968 when it was given full independence. Today it’s a monarchy in which the king has final authority.
The Swazi people are open and friendly and the scenery is outstanding with a choice of five National Parks to visit.
Everyday life is based on traditional culture and strong African beliefs.

Granted independence by Great Britain in 1967, the landlocked Kingdom of Swaziland is 120 kilometres wide and 180 kilometres long.
Blessed with a heavy rainfall and a warm sub-tropical climate, this rich and fertile valley is fed by countless rivers and streams. It produces abundant fruit, nuts, rice and vegetables with sugarcane estates dominate the low lying areas around Big Bend.
The monarchy is being presently being challenged by the people of Swaziland who desire a more democratic style of government and representation of the people by the people. This process will no doubt be resolved in a quiet and responsible way and the easy-going, friendly nature of the people will continue to surprise and delight visitors.