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West Coast

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Re-discover yourself

The West Coast lets you rediscover yourself and touch the fingertip of God. Always through something small. Environmental conditions are harsh, the miracles minute.
Extraordinary succulents no bigger than your baby fingernail. A perfect shell smaller than a pea. The pinprick of a seagull high over head. The speed with which the wind robs you of your voice.

Fringed by the icy Atlantic and extreme mountains, this rugged landscape is one of contrasts where the angry shriek of a seagull is swallowed by a fierce wind, and once the rains have fallen, a carpet of delicate petals cover the ground in a magical tapestry of vibrant colour.
If you’re looking for wild beaches, miles of tranquil hiking and no people, then head this way…

A perfect view of Table Mountain

The West Coast starts, or ends, with a perfect view of Table Mountain and whether you’re a walker, climber, strandloper*, nature lover, photographer or artist, it will swallow you up whole.

Why we love the West Coast

We love the West Coast and have discovered heaps of isolated spots that are great for surfing or just kicking back beneath the stars with a fire crackling to the beat of crickets.

The Spring flowers

Don’t miss the Spring Flowers around August and September.
Take a camera, a bunch of spools and leave all photo-opportunity restraint at home.
Make daisy chains, get naked and take lotza photo’s.
Worship life on an altar of petals.
The flowers follow the sun so remember to turn around often.

Explore the Cederberg

The Cederberg Mountains and all their bizarre rock formations demand dusty exploration.