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Wild Coast

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Where every backpacker should visit.

This is a wilderness where man is a part of the landscape, not it’s unordained boss, where rolling green hills are met by sky-sized bursts of cloudbreak and patches of brilliant blue, where hillsides are littered with sheep, goats, cows and pin pricks of mud huts.
It is a place where young boys herd goats, throwing expertly aimed pebbles to re-route the wayward, where women wash noisily in rivers and the old wait patiently. For life? For death? For the passing of time?
It is a place where dusty black pigs snuffle alongside the road and where wide smiles greet passing travellers…

There is space to breathe here. And time to do anything, or nothing. Because, here in Africa, time is savoured slowly, not rushed and overburdened like in the white man’s land...

Kick off your shoes

Get ready to kick off your shoes and eat with your hands…

A message from Mother Earth

Scarce natural resources are being pillaged to feed seafood hungry tourists. Sadly, both the local people and the Transkei hostels aren’t giving any thought to the long-term effects of tourism and how it’s affecting our oceans.
Please don’t buy under-sized or out-of-season crayfish/seafood. Rather support local crafts that not only develop skills, but help to create sustainable futures and enrich tradition.

Driving Miss daisy mad

Dust and potholes are the Main Feature on any trip, with pedestrians and animals offer entertaining side-shows.
They’re a doubly bad hazard at night so don’t drive after dark. It’s daft.

Thermal insulation

Ever wonder why they don’t paint the whole mud hut? It’s so the sun warms up the mud (you’ll notice the plain mud rectangle on the side that the sun shines strongest) and keeps the hut warm at night. Clever huh?