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Wine Region

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There are a number of fantastic backpacking hostels in the Stellenbosch area. Most of the Stellenbosch backpackers offer great day trips and activities within the Winelands area.

The wonderful winelands

As far as our taste buds can tell, South Africa is right Up There when it comes to great wine, the glorious drink of the Gods.
Any visit to the Cape without be incomplete without a trip or two to the winelands (although, with the variety of exquisite routes you have to choose from, you might just have to make a week of it...).

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate and fertile valleys, the Winelands offer travellers the perfect opportunity to sample succulent wines in heaven sent surroundings. And there are over 100 wine varieties to get stuck into - so give that tongue a scrub and get tasting. Wine's not the only thing you can tantalise your taste-buds with however. Sample cheese at Simonsberg or sniff heady brandy at the cellars.