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Welcome intrepid adventurers

Zimbabwe is  a fantastic country to travel in. It is cheap, the people are extraordinarily friendly and although the backpacker infrastructure is not as well developed as that of South Africa, there are some gob smackingly beautiful places that deserve to be seen. So go intrepid adventuring, throw away your preconception, maps and plans and go bush…

Despite much political upheaval, Zimbabwe is still a fantastic country in which to travel. Hopefully, the warmth of its people and the beauty of the land will beat political narcissism and Zim will retain its rightful place as an awesome destination. An monumental natural phenomenon and one of the seven wonders of the world, the magnificent Victoria Falls is probably Zim’s best known attraction.

Vic Falls and the Zambezi River

Vic Falls, “The smoke that thunders” retains the same impact that met Livingston when he first ventured into darkest Africa – the only difference is today, fine hotels and bush camp accommodation abound. Enjoy a evening sun-downer cruise on the Zambezi River sucking on a cold beer or glass of wine while you view the wild life that mills about its banks or get surprised by the suddenness of the setting sun. A canoe trip down the Zambezi through the Mana Pools National Park will imprint close encounters of the wild kind on your psyche forever.