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The climate on the coast is hot and humid, but as the land rises into hills, the sea breeze sweeps in and cools down the air. This breeze carries misty rains that keep the vegetation green and luxuriant and often fill the rivers to the point of flooding.

Zululand’s sun-kissed shoreline provides endless opportunities for swimming and fishing, snorkelling and underwater exploration whilst its abundant game parks, wilderness areas and wetlands provide spectacular game viewing with numerous facilities enabling travellers to explore the local natural beauty.
Roadside markets selling clay pots, beadwork, weaving, wood carvings and basket ware tempt even the most reluctant shopper.

If you’re hunting for big game, start here.

The continent of Africa has the world’s greatest variety of game and no part of Africa offers more favourable game conditions than KwaZulu.
Zululand has the most game parks, wilderness areas and protected wetlands in South Africa.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka, the greatest of all Zulu Kings, had a great ability to unite the segregated Zulu nation into one cohesive unit and the most awesome fighting nation Africa had ever known. His spectacular reign, however, was tainted by brutal tyranny and a ruthless, scant disregard for human life.